World Class Online Gambling Admin Recognition

AFTER going through the luxury housing estate of Bogor Nirwana Residence, Bogor, West Java, then hotels and tourist attractions, we arrived at a small commercial area in the form of a row of colorful shop houses (ruko) at the end of the road. We have arrived at our destination.
Only two shophouse buildings are visible. The rest, the building is empty and not maintained. It was in one of these shophouses that the practice of online gambling, aka online gambling with a turnover of billions of rupiah, was once operated. Managed by an international standard gambling company, SBOBET.

Even though the building has been tightly closed by the police, AG still remembers the bitter moment before the office was sealed. AG, who was serving as admin of the SBOBET network in Manila, Philippines, was arrested along with his other colleagues when the police raided his office.

One morning in mid-2016, after months of odd jobs, AG got a job interview at an information technology (IT) company in the Sudirman area, Jakarta. The job is eagerly awaited. Incidentally, AG has a certificate and experience in this field. However, before his name was called for the interview situs idn poker online procession, his cell phone rang. The female voice from the telephone line asked him to immediately pick her up and deliver her to the Bogor Nirwana Residence (BNR) area, Bogor, West Java.

AG agreed. Regardless of the interview plan, he stepped on the gas and left the office. He immediately picked up the woman who contacted him and headed for Bogor.

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“My boyfriend called. He asked to be escorted to BNR Bogor, for a job interview there,” recalled AG while talking to Medcom Files in Kelapa Dua, Depok, West Java, Friday, July 6 2018.

While waiting for his girlfriend to be interviewed, in the waiting room AG met a man of nationality Philippines, FR. Long story short, in the middle of the conversation, FR asked AG to apply for work there.

After talking about his expertise with FR, without much process, AG was immediately asked to work right away. The offer is a salary of IDR 4 million per month. Not to mention the bonus money that can be doubled.

To AG, FR initially admitted that the office was engaged in the online game business. However, FR soon admitted that this business was engaged in gambling. He also claimed to be the person who controlled the SBOBET gambling business directly from the Philippines.

“At first I refused. But because I was offered an instant job, I didn’t think twice,” said AG.

AG was recruited to be the admin of SBOBET. His job is to collect data and contact numbers of players who have joined other online gambling sites. Once collected, the data is given to the telemarketing department to be contacted and invited to play gambling, via telephone or messaging applications such as We Chat and Whats App .

If agreed, the players simply register, top up and top up the deposit balance, and betting can start immediately.

When registering, gambling players will be asked for data in the form of name, phone number, email address and account number. Top up balance for playing capital can be Rp. 100 thousand to tens of millions of rupiah. Then the customer is made a SBOBET identity to start betting.

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Players who have registered and have a minimum balance will be presented with various kinds of gambling games. From baccarat, poker, koprok, roulette, blackjack, kiukick, horse racing, to betting on other sports events that are presented online. Football is the favourite.

From there, AG felt the heavy flow of funds from gambling. According to him, SBOBET companies in Indonesia are able to generate at least IDR 1 billion per day. Not to mention if there is a prestigious football event, such as the European Cup, matches in the world’s elite leagues, the profits can reach IDR 3 billion per day. Especially the World Cup.

It was considered reasonable. This is because SBOBET is estimated to have attracted tens to hundreds of thousands of customers in Indonesia, with a fairly high top-up balance value. Especially with the big name he already has.

“There are also many players who are willing to bet up to tens of millions. Usually it’s officials,” he said.

Regarding gambling advantages, Director of Integrity at Betting and Sports Data Analysts Sportradar, Darren Small, researched it. Every year, said Darren, this activity can generate funds of up to US$700 billion per year. That also does not include the illegal gambling market which is spread in many countries. The total could reach US $ 1 trillion per year. And, 70 percent of the profits are generated from soccer betting aka soccer betting.