UK Consider Banning Online Gambling Ads On Sports Sponsorships

UK Considers Banning Online Gambling Ads On Sports Sponsorships – While online betting is legal in the UK, there are no fixed rules that clearly state the limits that must be adhered to. As a result, online betting service providers seem to be able to do anything to promote their business. Unmitigated, they become sponsors for various sports activities.

What is the British government doing when it sees this?

– Addition of New Rules
The British government is furious with the actions of online betting service providers who place advertisements openly on various soccer matches. Therefore, the members of parliament gathered and discussed additional rules for the betting law that applies in the UK. This meeting is scheduled for next week and one of the agenda for discussion is the prohibition of sponsoring which you can read the information on at

The preview for this rule will start on December 7th. So, this rule is expected to come into effect as soon as possible agen judi bola. Once approved, these rules will formally become part of the Betting Laws 2005. Specifically, online and offline betting service providers must comply with the limits that have been set in terms of sponsoring football teams or sporting events.

– Multi-Party Approved
Being a country that legalizes online betting does not mean that all parties are free to bet. Many parties are disturbed by the effect of online betting on society. This is why the discussion on the new rules was greeted with enthusiasm by various levels of society and also other related institutions, even though they previously demanded leniency.

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In addition to submitting rules regarding the prohibition of sponsoring, there are also various other rules regarding limits on the number of bets a player can bet on. Previously, service providers could offer parallel bets which were very detrimental to players. There are also rules regarding online slot machines, where the largest bet amount must be limited by looking at the player’s losing data on the previous day or week.

– Supervision of Betting Product Promotion
In the near future, online betting service providers may issue new products that have not been regulated by law. This is already on the British government’s surveillance radar. For this reason, betting service providers must obtain permission from the Department of Digital, Media Culture and Sports before being marketed.

Despite receiving a lot of criticism, the parliament considers that without rules, players will continue to bet and lead to harm. Therefore, the government needs to think about preventive and anticipatory steps for this problem.

Because government regulations are quite loose, online betting service providers are constantly looking for new ways to promote their services. This also makes various circles uneasy. Then, the government tried to take quick steps by making new regulations so that excessive promotional activities could be immediately overcome. Even new products will come under scrutiny.