Tips For Winning In Playing BandarQ Online

For those of you who have a hobby in playing BANDARQ games, let’s take this time to listen a little from the following article, about tricks to win playing bandarq online. If you are a professional gambling player, maybe you have tried several online gambling game servers from agents you have trusted.

Basically, even though the BandarQ and Bandar ceme games are 2 games that are almost similar, there are slight differences in terms of how to play them. In the Bandar ceme online gambling game, 1 person sits down to become a dealer, he will continue to be a dealer until he himself decides to stop leaving the table, and will be replaced by players who want to be the dealer.

Different things with the BandarQ game, anyone can become a dealer with a minimum of chips that must be owned by the player, if the player has met the minimum of chips, then when sitting at the table, the dealer will automatically take turns according to his seat. each. And if you don’t have the minimum chips specified by the agent. Then you will automatically become a regular player, or you will be able to fight the dealer.

And in the Bandar ceme game, the dealer will be able to open the card first or according to the dealer’s wishes, and if in the BandarQ game, the dealer will always be the last person to open the card.


Each player will get two domino cards. You also have to know how to count the cards you already have in order to know the value. Although later it will be automatically calculated by the server from the gambling agent, at least you also need to know the basics in this game. You can count the circles on every 2 cards. If your card calculation has a number greater than 9, only the value behind it will be taken. For example, if your card is worth 9 = 4, the total value of the circle is 13 ./ then the card you currently have is worth 3.


The card that is worth zero is the lowest card, and the card that is worth 9 is the highest card. Understand the difference if you become a dealer and also a player. when qq online terpercaya you become a dealer, then if you get a card that has the same value as the player you will be able to win. Likewise, if you are a player, you will lose if it is worth the same as the dealer, and if you are worth 9 you will be paid 2x your bet.

Tips for Winning in Playing BandarQ

Try to find a table with not too many players. so what if the players place big bets, and your cards don’t support you, you will lose a lot.

What if you have lost in the first round, you can try to place a 2x bet, and if at 2x you still lose, try doubling it to 3x if you still lose you can also double your bet to 5x, then in this calculation you should get a win that will exceed the value you have spent.

That’s the article about how to win playing BandarQ Online, hopefully it will be useful for all of your friends and can be used as a reference for those of you who like to play online bandarq cards, maybe you are interested in playing the BANDARQ ONLINE GAME.