The Ultimate Penny Slot Online Strategy

The Ultimate Penny Slot Online Strategy

If you want to know how to win big on penny slots, read on! Crafting an effective penny slots strategy requires an understanding of RTPs. We briefly touched on this earlier in our expose, but let’s get a quick refresher: Return to Player (RTP) is the average expected payout over the long term. The higher the RTP, the better the player odds and the lower the house edge.

In practical terms, you can expect a 97% RTP to return $0.97 on every dollar over the long term. Of course, this means nothing in the short-term since you can win a jackpot or lose your bankroll at any time. It’s safe to say that the higher the RTP, the better. If you start playing with $200 and the RTP is 97%, you should lose $6 in the long term… But anything can happen!

The Ultimate Penny Slot Online Strategy

Given a $200 bankroll, and an RTP of 97%, you can expect to lose $6 along the way, meaning that you are left with $194. If you only win 97% of that back (RTP is constant), you can expect to walk away with $188.18. The money quickly gets eroded away as you play, unless you hit it big on a penny slots game. In terms of a penny judi slot jackpot terbesar strategy, your best bet is to have a thorough understanding of the rules.

  • Forget the myths

Going with a set budget, divide your penny slots gaming sessions up into manageable units of time, and always quit when you’re ahead. The world’s most experienced players understand that variance is always at play. Variance describes hot and cold sessions of play when you’re either winning or losing successive rounds. It’s better to walk away and play another day than to lose the shirt off your back.

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Never bet more than you are willing to lose, and never gamble with money designated for living expenses. Contrary to popular advice, most penny slots strategies will encourage you to bet the maximum per spin to qualify for the jackpot. Every seasoned slot machine connoisseur already knows that you have to maximize your welcome bonus, free spins bonuses, gamble features (if applicable), and in-game bonus rounds.

If it is more beneficial to play at a higher bet per spin (in terms of payouts), then that’s precisely the slots strategy that you should adopt. By now, you are fully aware that a penny slot game costs a lot more than a penny to play. Sometimes, you’ll be able to play 1000 credits per spin, translating into $10 a pop. Many online casino players are blinded by the minimum bet requirements that penny slots can drain your bankroll pretty quickly.


It can get pretty tedious playing penny slots at low bets per spin. That’s why you may want to consider Autoplay functionality at pre-set bet levels to spin up a storm. With Autoplay, you can leave the penny slot machine game in autopilot mode while you’re grabbing a cold one!

Now that you know how to win penny slots games, you can confidently go out and practice lots of penny slots online in demo mode before you deposit, collect your bonus and play for real money. Remember that old English expression? Penny wise and pound foolish? Don’t get suckered into a penny slot game simply because of its name – check how many pennies you need to bet per spin and remember to apply our penny slots strategy to your gaming sessions.

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