Skyrocketing, Here Are The Reasons Behind The Success Of The Online Gambling Industry In Europe

Skyrocketing, Here Are The Reasons Behind The Success Of The Online Gambling Industry In Europe – Almost every country now has a growing online gambling business. Whether it’s legal or still illegal in their respective countries, many countries and continents continue to try to develop this business. Like in Europe, the online gambling industry is becoming increasingly popular these days. This is the reason behind its success.

Despite Many Social Restrictions, Global Online Gambling Will Increase Rapidly in 2020

With all restrictions on distance at social gathering events and physical presence in various circles, the global online gaming and gambling market will experience a rapid increase in 2020. As gambling shifts from offline to online, the gambling market such as in Europe is judi casino online targeted to increase by 10% per year. years, and is approaching $ 35.5 million in 2022.

This figure is up by 32% from the amount generated in 2018

Globally, online gambling growth is expected to reach $ 160 billion by 2026. Until now, the European market is considered to be more regulated than Other region. There are a number of online gambling companies that have been licensed to operate in Europe and have secured the best positions there, including the Bragg Gaming Group.

Bragg Gaming Group Successfully Entered the Swiss Market, Through its subsidiary, ORYX Gaming

Through its subsidiary ORYX Gaming, Bragg Gaming Group has just announced that it has successfully entered the Swiss market, after collaborating with a well-known casino operator in Switzerland called by Grand Casino Luzern. This adds to the list of countries that the Bragg Gaming Group has successfully explored on the European continent. It is still clear that in 2019, online gambling games were declared illegal in Switzerland so all access to unofficial sites and applications was immediately blocked. However, the incident did not last long. In July 2019, the government passed a new law on online gambling that states that conventional casinos can launch their online versions.

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The collaboration between ORYX Gaming and Grand Casino Luzern is proof of the power of online gambling in Europe

Wolfgang Bliem, chairman of Grand Casino Luzern, said that they are always consistent in looking for fresh and interesting ideas to enhance the casino experience for increased player growth. Thus, the collaboration with ORYX was greeted with joy, because they both share the same vision, which is to provide the best and honest gambling games for players in Switzerland. Matevz Mazij, Managing Director of ORYX Gaming stated that the company has been eyeing the Swiss online market, following the emergence of new rules on online gambling in 2019. Grand Casino Luzern is the perfect partner to set up a casino operator that is burning in the market. This is reinforced by a strong brand online.

Undoubtedly, the online gambling market continues to thrive in Europe. This is due to the success of casino operators and players in the transition from offline to online gambling during this pandemic.