Progressive Jackpot Slot Machine Games have low RTPs

Progressive Jackpot Slot Machine Games have low RTPs

Advantage Play is described as, ‘tactics and strategies used by players who seek an advantage in a game. employing gambling systems that work, such as card counting without the use of electronic, digital, or mechanical devices.’ Extrapolating this concept to slot machine games is easily done.

We have already established that Penny Slots, Nickel Slots, and Quarter Slots have relatively low RTPs compared to $1 Slots, $100 Slots, and other high-denomination situs slot terbaru machine games. The rationale behind this is simple: Most people can afford to play affordable slots, and casinos stand to benefit from games that most people play. The RTP on these games is therefore lower.

Progressive Jackpot Slot Machine Games have low RTPs

An inverse relationship exists between the number of players and the costs associated with playing slot machine games. The higher the price, the fewer the number of players. The only way to balance the proverbial tables is to increase the RTP of high denomination slot machine games.

Progressive Jackpot Slots present an interesting case. Recall that a progressive jackpot slot is linked to a network of connected slots. A percentage of every bet taken goes towards the progressive jackpot prize pool. It is worth highlighting that a Jackpot Slot is not the same as a Progressive Jackpot Slot. A slot machine game can have a fixed jackpot that is independent of the number of players, or the number of connected slots on a network. The jackpot can either be fixed, or variable, depending on each individual slot machine game.

Progressive jackpot slots rank among the most popular of all the slot machine games – thanks largely to the enticing payouts they promise lucky players. Much of the appeal is smoke and mirrors however. If you are looking for secrets to winning on slot machines, you’re probably better served by avoiding progressive slots by dint of their low RTPs. Your chances are significantly higher with Classic Slots [fruit slots with 3 reels], Standard Non-Progressive Video Slots, $1 Slots, $5 Slots, and $25 Slots.

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You may be asking why your chances are so much lower with progressive slots? Remember that every single spin of a slot machine game is 100% random. The specialized programs – Random Number Generators – guarantee that every outcome is independent of all previous outcomes.

  • If casinos allowed the RTPs of progressive jackpot slots to be much higher, the jackpots would never grow as large.
  • Every single player stands an equal chance of winning the progressive jackpot. On a standard slot machine game with a limited number of players, your chances of winning a jackpot may be 1/1,000, but with a progressive jackpot game your chances are significantly lower, possibly 1/100,000.
  • Players can only win the maximum progressive jackpot prize if they wager the maximum bet amount per spin. With low RTPs and high maximum bets, you are much better served playing different types of slot machine games where your advantage for higher bet amounts is greater.