How to Play on the Powerful Online BandarQ Site to Win

For people who have just entered the world of online gambling, of course they are very confused by the name of this online gambling game. Bandar Qiu games are a category of online gambling games developed through domino card games. This game is a type of domino card game developed by Indonesians on online gambling sites.

As time goes by, Bandar Qiu is increasingly known to many people and has even become famous among online gamblers. In this game, each player can become a dealer by changing at one table.

To become a city in this game does not require a large stock. Any player who meets the requirements can play as a dealer. You can also play as an ordinary player and become a dealer by taking turns with other players.

In the safest online Bandar Q web game, this is very situs judi capsa susun interesting for many people, because everyone at the same gambling table can become a dealer as long as they meet the conditions specified to become a dealer. Of course, by becoming a dealer, you will get more benefits than being a regular player.

One example is when the dealer wins the game. Then all the bet money from all players on the gambling table is won by the dealer. It’s a different thing when you become an ordinary player if you beat the city. The player only gets money from as much as the bet he placed at the beginning of the game.

How to Play BandarQ Online Site Games
The Bandar Qiu online game is almost the same as the domino qiu qiu game. The difference is that domino qiu qiu uses 4 cards and Bandar Q only uses 2 cards. This game can be played by 2 people up to a maximum of 8 people on the fastbet99 site . The number of dominoes in this game consists of 28 dominoes.

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Each player can pit his dominoes against the dealer. If the player’s card is higher than the dealer then that player will be declared the winner.

How to count dominoes on the Bandar Qiu web game is really easy. Players or dealers only need to count the total number of circles in the left and right corners. If the total number of dominoes added crosses 9, only the last digit can be counted. Here are some examples of card formulas in the city q game:

– If the number of dominoes exceeds 9 then 10 can be reduced. Example: 8 + 8 = 16 – 10 = 6. So the number of dominoes is 6.

– If the total number of dominoes exceeds 19, then 20 will be deducted. Example: 12 + 12 = 24 – 20 = 4. So the number of dominoes is 4.

Rules of Playing BandarQ Online Website Games

To determine the champion in this game is really easy. It can be said that this game is the easiest when compared to other games. The number of player dominoes must be higher than the dealer, so the dealer can pay the amount of the bet placed by the player.

In the Bandar Qiu online game, there is absolutely no jackpot. What makes this game liked by many people is when the player manages to get a Qiu card. Then the player’s bet amount will be multiplied by 2.

Yes, but if the dealer gets a Qiu card, the dealer will not get 2 times the amount of income. But the dealer only wins all the bets on the table.

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Directions for Playing Games on the Safest Online BandarQ Website

As explained earlier, the Bandar Q website game can be won by ordinary players. Can be played by ordinary players if the player’s card is higher than the dealer’s card. In this game there is no word hockey or the gambling site is bad.

Because the cards that are dealt are directly from the center of the game. Of course there are instructions or ways to win this game. The following are some tips / ways to win the BandarQ game:

– Determine the Winning Amount

This is the most important guide, because most people will forget to withdraw when they have won. So you as a professional gambling player, you must determine the amount of your winnings before starting the game.

If you deposit only 500,000, your winning target should be 2 times the deposit amount. If the balance in your account has reached 1,500,000, you can quickly make a withdrawal. Don’t forget to leave some to continue playing the next day.

– Starting Small Bet

Of course, everyone wants to immediately win bets with large amounts when playing. It is recommended that you do not immediately start with the maximum bet. Because we don’t know if the cards and tables that are obtained will take luck.

– Watching Game Situation

As a skilled player you must be good at seeing the right conditions to sit at the game table. Look at the bookie who always gets bad/low cards. This table is a game table that is very suitable for you as an ordinary player. Because it’s possible that you will win the bet.

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– Stay away from tables that have more than one dealer

Don’t have time to choose a table with more than one dealer, because maybe your money will shrink. The purpose of these words is that if there are 3 dealers at the table, then maybe you will win from the Prime dealer. It’s possible that the amount can be lost at the second bookie and your money will automatically continue to be deducted. Because every time your winnings will be cut by 3%.

– Don’t Place Big Bets

Try to see the other players at the table. Look at players who place bets up to the maximum, chances are that the player made the maximum bet. The average player who places a bet up to the maximum average will lose.

The trick is to avoid the maximum bet, just bet with a multiplication of three. Don’t be tempted to win a lot in a short time, take it slow and enjoy the game.

– Play as a city

If you want to play as a dealer, the thing that must be done is to have a large and smart stock in betting. If you have a large stock, don’t be afraid to lose in this game. Because the city can only experience a loss of 20%.