How To Play Corner Over / Under In Football Betting

How To Play Corner Over / Under In Football Betting

Corner Over / Under is betting odds that predict the total number of corners of that match. Corner Over / Under is not related to the outcome of the match, but only depends on the match progress and the goals corner and goals corner of each team.

How To Play Corner Over / Under In Football Betting

Corner Over / Under is played according to daftar judi bola online in the rules: the winning or losing results are calculated according to the number of corners for the whole match of the two teams. If players bet Over and the result is higher then they win otherwise players bet Under and the lower result then they win.

There are 3 types of Corner Over / Under: Corner Over / Under full time, Corner Over / Under first half, and Corner Over / Under second half.

Corner Over / Under rates are calculated according to the Odds Handicap: Winning amount = Bet amount x Odds Handicap.

For example, if the total number of corners is 12 then Corner Over will win with the amount of 100 $ and over 9 with the amount of 100×0.76 = $ 76. Under lost $ 100.

Corner Over / Under Betting Experience

Normally, to win when betting Corner Over / Under a player needs a lot of tips. Here are a few ways offers you:

  • Players should choose teams playing English style or teams of good height.
  • Usually corners are very likely to happen in the first minute, so if wagering should be early.
  • In any match, if the first half has few corners, the second half will have a lot of corners.
  • Teams that use fast attacking tactics often have more loopholes appearing in corners than teams that play beautifully.
  • Players should learn about the team’s previous performance, and which team has high numbers of corners before placing a bet.
  • Best of all, players should watch the game live when placing a Corner Over / Under bet to keep track of how the game is going, and change the odds in time.
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Corner Over / Under is quite popular and familiar to those who love to bet on football. However, players need to understand and know how to use it to bring the best results.