How to play and tips to win the Bandarq game

Bandarq is actually a derivative game of domino qq. If in qq players only meet with fellow players, in this bandarq there is a dealer system and players can become dealers.

As for the ways and rules of the game, it is not much different from domino qq. The only difference lies in the number of cards used. If dominoqq uses 7 cards, while in bandarq only 2 cards.

This game can be played by 2 to 8 players with 1 player as the dealer. After being dealt 2 cards, players are given the opportunity to see the cards they get. After that they are asked to show their cards openly on the table. Then there will be a comparison of the card values ​​between the player’s and the dealer’s. The card with the highest value is the winner.

Card Calculation Method

The calculation of the cards in this game is poker deposit via pulsa determined from the number of circles on the left and right sides of the card. If the total number of circles reaches the tens digit, only the unit digits are taken. But if the number of circles exceeds 9, then the value is reduced by 10.

For example, the number of card circles is 5 and 6 (5+6=11) because the value is above 9 then it is reduced by 10 (11-10=1). So the final value of the card is 1. If the number of circles of the two cards exceeds 19, then 20 is subtracted. For example, the number of circles of 2 cards is 12 and 11 (12+11=23). Because it must be reduced by 20, the calculation is (23-20=3). So the final value is 3.

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If the player’s total card is greater than the dealer’s, the dealer must pay the player’s winnings according to the amount he bets. Also vice versa. But what if the total value of the player’s and dealer’s cards is a draw or a draw? This is where the advantage of being a dealer, this draw will be the city’s advantage because the victory will fall into the hands of the dealer.

Even though there is no jackpot, bandarq is very popular with Indonesian gamblers because if they can get a 9 (Qiu) card, the bet amount will be increased many times. However, this does not apply to the city. The dealer’s advantage in addition to the Draw earlier is that it can only take all the bets on the table.

One of the Tips to Win Playing Bandarq

For newbie players or beginners, it is usually easy to lose track of time and forget yourself if you have gone too far playing this domino game. The biggest reason is because of how easy it is to play and it doesn’t take long to run 1 round. It doesn’t stop there, it’s not uncommon for many players to make profits of up to hundreds of millions of rupiah from this game until they can finally retire early.

The first tip to be able to win playing bandarq is to determine the winning target first. This suggestion does sound simple, but in fact it is still being ignored by many players. On average, they play by following their passions and emotions until they end up losing and running out of capital.

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Therefore, before playing as much as possible, try to determine the winning target to be achieved. If the victory is successfully obtained, immediately make a withdrawal so that the money that has been obtained is not used again.

Also make sure that you are not easily provoked lust. When the target of victory has been achieved, make up your mind to immediately stop the game right away. That was a little review about the bandarq game that you need to know. That is all and thank you.