How to Guess the Output of Sic Bo Online Dice 2019

So if you are still using the old methods from the internet or sites that discuss how to win sic bo online it is no longer accurate. It is important for you online sic bo bettors to also update your knowledge with the latest tricks and tips. Well, because of these things, we have prepared a review for you to be able to calculate the output of online sic bo dice in the following 2019. But to further clarify and make it easier for you to understand the reviews below, it’s a good idea to read our idn poker terbaru article entitled How to Correctly Guess the Output of Live Sic Bo Online Gambling Dice first…

Read Sic Bo Dice Output Pattern In The Previous 6 Rounds
Not much different indeed from the tips and tricks that we provided earlier. It’s just that you have to be able to practice the tips and tricks that we gave earlier first. So that your technique is more honed and it is easier to read the previous 6 rounds of dice output. Why does it have to be 6 rounds? This is an advanced level from the discussion of our previous article which provides a technique for reading dice output patterns.

However, after reading and analyzing, in the end we got the rule, which is to only read 6 rounds. Why ? Because every time we pay attention, every 6 rounds the output pattern of the online sic bo dice changes. This means that every 6 turns the pattern of guessing the dice also changes. To avoid confusion, we give you an example below.

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Example of 6 rounds of online sic bo dice output

Now from the picture above we can read the next dice output pattern only from the previous 6 rounds. From the picture above, we get a clear pattern as follows:
5 (small-odd), 5 (small-odd), 15 (big-odd), 11 (big-odd), 12 (big-even), 11 (big-odd).

Now we can read the pattern that 2x small outputs are odd, then 4 large outputs where the 3rd large output is even. So we just write it like this:

So the pattern is sticking together. What is that ? Without using the output numbers we can read the next pattern is large-odd. So, in this case, let’s just imagine that there are no numbers, so the next pattern will be big and odd. If we are more confident with the additional numbers, the number 15 will come out. How do you read it? Listen below.

5, 5, 15, 11, 12, 11. Where 12 is the separator (very different from the other 5 dice patterns). So let’s assume that 12 is a turning point, so from the pattern we read, we will issue the following pattern in the continuation: 5, 5, 15, 11, 12, 11, 15, 5, 5. But keep in mind that this pattern is only for us. use it for 6 rounds, so that the pattern that is read is only on the 7th round.

Now from the calculation of the pattern above, we can guess the output of the online sic bo dice in the 7th round is 15 (big-odd). Is it true that the output of the dice is as we have read the pattern?

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Well, it turns out that the prediction of the online sic bo dice output that we have made is the right pattern. As shown in the picture above, the pattern we have read is very precise so that the output on the 7th dice is very accurate and predictable, right?

It takes concentration and a high level of accuracy to be able to apply this technique. So that means you need to practice a lot and continue to develop your sensitivity to the output of online sic bo dice in order to guess the next dice output in 2019.

The rest you can follow the winning technique in our previous article, because we still use other tips and are still effective today.

That’s how to guess the output of the latest online sic bo dice in 2019 that we can give you. Don’t think it’s 100% successful, because the output pattern can be messy after the 7th dice output. So we start again with the 8th output of the online sic bo dice, and we consider the dice as the first output and continue like that over and over again.