Extended Play Casino Slot Online For Fewer Paylines

Extended Play Casino Slot Online For Fewer Paylines

Nearly all video and online slot players cover all the paylines. On many newer games, you don’t even have an option of playing fewer lines. The largest share of players bets one coin per line. On a 1-cent slot with 50 paylines, they bet 50 cents per spin. They’d bet 30 cents for 30 lines or 40 cents for 40 lines.

Extended Play Casino Slot Online For Fewer Paylines

For a player on a budget, that makes a big difference. If you’re betting 50 cents, then $20 guarantees you 40 spins, while betting 30 cents makes it 66 spins with 20 cents left toward the next spin. Per 1,000 spins – between an hour and two depending on your speed of play – you wager $500 with 50 lines and $300 with 30 lines.

Payback percentages are not dependent on situs joker gaming number of paylines, so if you’re on a budget, you have a better chance of staying in action longer if you play games with fewer lines. Maybe you’ll even stay in action long enough for a big win to come your way

If a chance at big wins are what you’re after, look for free spin bonuses

The converse is also true. Pick’em bonuses usually serve to extend play rather than result in big wins.
In the early days of video slots, when the most common coin denomination was 5 cents, pick’em bonuses were the primary prizes. Everybody won something in the pick’ems, and while the big prizes were nice wins, they weren’t thousands of times your bet.

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Once 1-cent slots rose to popularity, game makers needed to enable bigger bonuses. A 200-coin bonus that was worth $10 on a nickel slot was only $2 on a penny slot.
Free spin bonuses add volatility. You might go through a free spin bonus without winning any credits, but the tradeoff is that you sometimes will have wins big enough to make a 1-cent player feel as if the prize is worthwhile.

Some slots, both online and offline, muddle the picture by having both free spin and pick’em bonuses, but by and large, if the main bonus is free spins, the game is more volatile than if the main bonus is a pick’em.

Check to see if there are incentives to bet bigger

On three-reel slots, payback percentages are higher with bigger bets because there is a disproportionate jump in the top jackpot if you bet the max.

That’s usually not true on video slots, but it’s worth reading the welcome screen and the pay table to see if there is any such incentive.

One recent twist has come on IGT’s new Fortune Link slots. In one configuration, the welcome screen tells you it takes six special symbols to reach the Fortune bonus if your coin denomination is 1 cent or 2 cent, but only five at 5 or 10 cents and four at $1 or $2.

That leaves a decision. If you’re usually a 1-cent player who bets five coins per payline, it could benefit you to choose a 5-cent denomination and play one coin per line instead. The total bet is the same, but you get a faster route to the bonus by choosing the higher denomination.

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