Due to Corona, Casino Gambling in Macau is battered

Because – Due to Corona, Casino Gambling in Macau is Belonged – The effect of the corona virus seems to have a massive impact on many major countries, especially Macau. It is evident that some of the casino gambling bookies in the area are battered and almost went bankrupt.

According to CNN Business, one of the well-known casino bookmakers in Macau, Wynn Resorts must be willing to lose up to millions of US dollars every day because the betting house has to be closed temporarily.
CEO of Wynn Resorts, Matt Maddox said, the company experienced a decrease in profits ranging from 2.4 million US dollars to more than 2.6 million US dollars per day.

As is known, the casino dealer has tied around 12,000 employees bola deposit pulsa. But now, some percent of these workers have to be sent home to prevent transmission of the corona virus. Some of the surrounding areas have detected dozens of corona cases. As per existing data, more than 650 people died and around 31,500 people were infected.

Under these circumstances, the Macau government requested that all Casino betting buildings in the Red Zone area have to be off until an indefinite time. Even so, there are still some areas that are still not affected by the corona case. This means that the area still does not have the full permit to open a betting house as before.
The government policy was decided after several Casino workers were infected with the deadly virus. With this, a number of betting houses in Macau must be willing to swallow a decline in profits that will cause financial ruin.

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Previously, China was the country that benefited the most in the gambling sector. One of them is Casino. Because many immigrants and local residents always enliven the gambling arena. But the problems that hit Macau is bad news for the parties concerned. So that they experienced a drastic decrease in their income.

During this time, Wynn Resorts has become the best and largest casino operator in Macau and had outperformed some of its eternal rivals such as MGM and Sands. According to data from Moody’s, in 2019 Wynn made a profit of US $ 6.6 billion. 70% of the income is obtained from the property sector.

“Complying with the rules and regulations of the Macau government, Wynn Resorts was forced to close the Casino building. This time we just want to do our best to maintain the safety and health of our workers, loyal customers and Macau citizens in general, ”said Maddox.

Until now there is still no certainty about the reopening of the Casino building in Macau. Not only that, a number of employees have also not received their basic rights and obligations. On the other hand, Wynn Resorts subsidiary, Wynn Macau (WYNMF) Shares, is experiencing a trading decline of up to 1.2% from last year. Meanwhile, the shares of the parent company, Waynn (WYNN) in New York were also battered, reaching 1.6% during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Until now, the total new cases in the Hubei area, the first province where the coronavirus spread has reached more than 45,000 cases, more than 1,000 people have died. Ironically, the local government has yet to find the latest vaccine to prevent transmission of the virus.

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According to the latest news, the World Health Organization (WHO) will deploy several teams to detect and investigate the transmission of the corona virus in China. They aim to find a number of facts that are troubling all countries. This will be a new life for casino gambling dealers in Macau. Where if the case has been resolved, the betting building activity will resume operations.