Development & History of Indonesia Online Poker Game

Online poker games are currently one of the most popular online card gambling games. I think maybe this poker game is familiar to you, surely all of you have tried this card gambling game. The way to play is also not much different from how to play conventionally. This poker game has become increasingly popular in Indonesian society since the existence of world-class poker tournaments which are often held. But for those of you who are already proficient in playing poker, have you ever thought about the history of this poker game? It feels incomplete if you do not know its origin. If so, according to the title I made above, which is where on this occasion I will review the development and history of online poker games in Indonesia that you can know. so you have to be right” listen to this explanation carefully so you can knowthe history of this online poker game . Well, it doesn’t take long anymore, we’ll just discuss it below:

The Complete History of the Rise of the Poker Game in the World
The popular poker game today has actually been modified from several centuries before. Actually this poker card game has existed since the 18th century and has existed in several European countries. For example in Germany but the name of this game is not poker but Pochen. In England it is called Brag, and in France it is called Poque. Then along with the progress of the times where at that time inter-state trade was competing very tightly with expensive prices. Then there was a trader from France who introduced this Poque game to an American country called Poker. So there is one literary media source who covered and said that this card game was first started in 1829 in the city of orleans, America.

So that since that era the name poker has changed to Texas Holdem Poker which is played using 1 deck of playing cards. And the contents of the card are only 20 types of cards and can only be played by 4 people. Of course, it is very different from the online poker gambling game that you know today. But over time so that more and more fans of this poker game make changes again. That is, finally this poker game is played using 52 playing cards and can be played by a maximum of 8 people in 1 table. Since then, several types of special cards have been created, such as: Flush, Draw, Straight, and other types. So I don’t know why the development of this game is so fast that it is very popular in almost all parts of America in the 20th century.

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So that various media such as tv, internet, radio or various other literary media that participate in covering this game so that it becomes very famous. What makes daftar domino qiuqiu this poker game enter as a casino game in Las Vegas. Previously, the card gambling game in the casino called seven-card was changed to Texas hold’em poker. It turns out that since the introduction of this poker game into the casino, the demand for this game has increased rapidly. Until then at the casino in Las Vegas holding a very large poker tournament. The so-called World Series Of Poker (WSOP). This tournament is held regularly every year and this tournament was initially only played by 5 players. And this tournament had become the biggest tournament event in the world and also holds the title of the richest in the world.

The Origin of the Entry of Poker Games in Indonesia
The beginning of the entry of the poker game into Indonesia was because there was a gambling king in Indonesia named John Juanda who managed to become a winner many times in the famous WSOP poker championship tournament. There are many other versions that prove that poker card games are well received in Indonesia.

There are also those who say that the entry of poker games in Indonesia is due to the colonial period. The one where there is a cultural exchange is where one of the cultures that is given to the Indonesian people is to introduce the game of poker. And there are also those who say that this poker card game already existed before it was known abroad but does not yet have a name.

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But we know for ourselves that this poker game is known as a gambling game using real money. Meanwhile, in Indonesia, all types of gambling are strictly prohibited by the government. That’s what makes this poker game can’t be played openly so it’s not too famous in Indonesia.

However, in the 19th century the internet was starting to be available all over the world, including in Indonesia. This is good news for poker players in the world because poker games can be played on the internet even though they are played offline or do not use real money. Which can be played at that time through Facebook or other providers. So that the emergence of the internet and playing poker was also very easy at that time making this poker game even more famous in Indonesia. even though at that time playing it had not used real money.

So because there are so many online card game enthusiasts, some parties have created an online gambling site where there is also a poker game. For the full trip, you can read below:

The Emergence of Online Poker Gambling Games
Technology that continues to develop has given birth to new inventions that have changed the world. as well as the world of gambling which has also undergone quite a drastic change because of the availability of online gambling sites. In 1996 there were approximately 15 online gambling sites that already had an official license. So that more and more sites that appeared in 1997 have grown to 200 online gambling sites available on the internet. You can see that in less than 1 year, online gambling sites have increased many times. Seeing the very rapid development is already not surprising. Because you see the advantages provided by online gambling sites and the technology that supports it is also increasingly sophisticated, such as transactions via E-Banking and playing applications via Android.

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Another advantage found on online gambling sites is that there are several types of real money betting gambling games. So not only online poker is available. But the main purpose of people playing online gambling at that time was only to get profit from online poker gambling games. With the existence of this online gambling site, it also helps bettors to play. So there is no need to go to the casino to play gambling anymore. It is only enough to use a device such as a computer or android and the internet can already bet poker gambling. As for exchanging chips, it’s also not complicated to go to the chip exchange counter. Because E-banking is available to make money exchange transactions with the chip, so there is no need to go to a bank or ATM again.

Thus the discussion this time which discusses the development and history of online poker games in full. Hopefully this article can add to your experience about poker gambling. And thank you for taking the time to read this article. See you next article