Casino resorts in Las Vegas and Singapore present solutions to the pandemic

Casino Resorts In Las Vegas And Singapore Present Solutions To The Pandemic -This year has been a very tough and truly challenging time for everyone. The pandemic caused by the spread of the COVID-19 virus has really brought big changes for all countries in the world. In fact, a concept called “new normal” was introduced as a form of adaptation to this pandemic situation. However, that does not mean that this will necessarily solve and overcome all the impacts caused by this pandemic. In fact, countries are still struggling to reduce the number of positive cases that have occurred. In addition, the impact on the economy and other sectors is something that must be taken seriously.

This pandemic condition does not only have a bad impact on the economy and health sectors. The gambling and casino business and industry are also having an impact. With this pandemic, people have become quite afraid to come to casinos and play gambling because they have to interact with people, and this makes the possibility of catching the virus even greater. In addition, countries have imposed territorial quarantines so that people can no longer freely travel and gather in one place. To make matters worse, travel restrictions to other cities and countries put the casino industry at a serious disadvantage. This is what at least Las Vegas and Singapore felt. These two places became very large gambling centers.

To overcome this condition, the managers and developers of the casino industry racked their brains. In this case, the casino developers and managers in Las Vegas currently do not have high hopes for the conditions that exist this year. Even though we are still trying to attract visitors, what is prioritized is what will happen in 2021. Resort and casino managers also take advantage of the momentum of Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday as an opportunity to prepare and attract visitors next year.

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The hope is that in 2021 conditions will be much more stable bandar casino terpercaya, and people will have more freedom to move. Therefore, casino resorts also offer attractive discounts during these two main days. For example, Caesars Entertainment held a Cyber ​​Sale by providing rooms that have special prices of up to 29 dollars. This figure is relatively low and quite affordable compared to the normal price. In addition, online room bookings during Cyber ​​Monday will get a discount of up to 25%. This is not only for room bookings in the near future, but the resort management is extending the time span so that it can be available for rooms booked for September 2021. Then, Wynn Resort did the same thing. This resort provides a special 40% discount for bookings during Black Friday,

Then, there is also Singapore with Marina Bay Sands which implements a new system. The rooms and casinos at this casino resort have experienced a decline in visitors for a long time. The figures are very significant. Therefore, a new concept is offered and it is hoped that it will attract the interest of visitors, be it during this pandemic or after it has all ended. This concept is called MICE (Meeting, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions). It will incorporate facilities for meetings, incentives, conferences and meetings, as well as performances. These four services are very likely provided with the existing facilities at this resort. This integrated service will also be supported by Mixed Reality or MR. With MICE and MR, Later, visitors who come directly to resorts and casinos or those who cannot come will still be able to interact. The interaction is not limited to existing online access, but this will provide a new experience that will be more interactive due to the MR technology being applied.

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