Best Funniest Gambling Online Slot Trusted

Best Funniest Gambling Online Slot Trusted

Twerk is a game named after the famous dance move that was big in the early part of the 2010s. Not many people would have expected the dance move to have been an inspiration behind a slot game but Endorphina Gaming have managed to create it. This slot is likely to be controversial in opinion as some people may see it as an unnecessary theme with it being based around a sexy dance.

Best Funniest Gambling Online Slot Trusted

The actual game itself is great though. Despite its modern theme, daftar game slot joker has a proper retro feel to it. There are three reels with a five line payout. It is really simple to win – all you have to do is matchup three symbols in a row. There is also a great bonus system in this slot which can include multiplying your winnings by five after each spin.


A funny play on the famous film Wizard of Oz, Wizard of Odds is an exciting slot game which can have huge winning potential. The theme of the slot is of a scary nature. There are wizards and witches popping out everywhere during the game which help make the theme live up to itself. The sound effects are terrific, you can hear spooky sounds such as an owl screeching or a witch cackling when you play – it definitely helps to set the scene. There are five reels in this slot. They help to give the opportunity to provide 30 different paylines. The game is simple to play but still good fun.


Okay, so the name of this slot isn’t actually funny but the show it is named after is a very popular comedy series. Family Guy is an American TV series that is watched all over the world. It seemed inevitable that a slot would be made after the show and that is exactly what IGT have done here. The slot is set on Quahog Island and all the key characters feature. Peter, Lois, Chris, Meg and Stewie are all in the game.

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The bonus features help to give recollections to key parts of the show such as the Drunken Clam, Ernie and the Giant Chicken that Peter always fights. The bonus features revolve around the Drunken Clam as well. You get to take control of one of Peter, Cleveland, Joe or Quagmire and try to be the last one standing in a drinking game.