Because of his clever math and playing poker, this Princeton student is instantly viral

Because of his clever math and playing poker, this Princeton student is instantly viral – Maybe poker players are familiar if the winners of the poker game are those who are old enough and have a lot of experience playing poker. But unexpectedly in 2016 a young man who was still a student at Princeton won his first tournament and made another big sum of money.

• Often Watching Poker Games is the Starting Point of Snider
Bradley Snider played poker with his brother a lot, but he became more interested in the game from his junior year at Princeton University. He is increasingly interested and deepens this one game by watching the games through several social media. From there Snider began to cultivate his ability to play poker.

Even though he has often studied and paid attention to the game of poker through social media judi online terpercaya, Snider still lacks experience. Due to his busy schedule as a math student, he did not have time to hone his skills at playing live poker until the tournament that changed his life.

• Against Many Pro Players, Snider Does Not Wobble
As the tournament starts and goes into the quarter-finals, Snider starts to lead with more chips than any other player. The great thing is that Snider admitted that previously he had bad results from playing up to the tournament.

During the quarter-finals, Snider started playing with seasoned players who had registered their names in the previous tournament. Even though he wasn’t very experienced, he didn’t waver because Snider knew the game of poker was also a psychological game and knew that he needed to stay calm in order to make the right decisions while playing. The proof is that he can beat last year’s champion and get a big prize. Even the difference in money he got in the final was quite far from the second winner of the tournament. This proves that Snider is quite good at playing this game.

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• Not Putting Education aside, Snider Makes Poker Games a Hobby
Even though he has made achievements by winning poker game competitions, he does not intend to immediately make poker his professional career. Snider still wanted to continue his education at Princeton University in the mathematics department which was his choice.

Snider said he would still play poker, it was just that he wanted to make poker a hobby rather than a serious career. Even though it’s just a hobby, Snider also said that he also wanted to be serious about running it so he could earn more from the games he enjoyed playing.
The viral story of Bradley Snider may make many poker players stunned and amazed. In addition, the story of Snider makes many people look to math more and more to use in the game of poker because it just so happens that Snider is also good at math. Want to be like Snider? Don’t forget to practice diligently as well.